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  • BOE FPC: market risk of future rate hikes may be o...
    FPC in the last minutes of the meeting noted that the recent policy changes in developed countries more than the central bank, did not seriously affect the market.Minutes of the meeting said: "Committee members worried that this monetary policy for the developed economies was unmoved circumstances change, you may have to strengthen the risk appetite and not fully take into account the risk of monetary policy will eventually return to more normal state."FPC noted that the current leverage level is lower than the water level before the financial crisis. But higher interest rates might be part of the field of financial markets pose a challenge, while the financial crisis for banks to adjust the structure, will be more difficult to judge the development would cause any unexpected impact.
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Shenzhen XintengChuangshengelectroniclimited company salesof flexible circuit boardFPC high-techenterprises.Products are mainly used inmobile phonecamera,laptopcomputer,printer,scanner,LCD display,mobile phones,digital camerasand other productsorfield.Since its inception,adhering to the "qualityisthe market is the seaboatsailbrandis...[More.]
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All products are certified by
Quality assurance.
1、The quality of the products Comply with IPC600G, MIL, UL, CQC USA Chinese standard.
2、Products through the ISO9001、ISO14001 Registration authentication.
3、Harmful substances in accordance with product control QC080000 with the standards.
4、The procurement of raw materials, processing technology to
meet the requirements of RoHS and WEEE instructions.
Focus on the circuit board industry for 11 years
experienced and trustworthy
1、We are the industry leading circuit board manufacturers.
2、Has a group of high-quality R & D team and professional management personnel.
Large scale! monthly production of up to 50000m2. The quality of delivery is guaranteed.
1、Has the advanced production equipment and testing technology, automatic heavy gold, automatic Shen copper, automatic CNC drilling machine and many automatic production lines.
2、Monthly production to reach production capacity of 50000m2.
24 hour rapid sampling, 7 days of delivery.
1、One hour offer response comprehensive marketing services.
2、24 hours of expert level technical support.
3、24 hour fast proofing, provide accurate delivery.
The same quality of our products more affordable
The highest price of the enterprise
1、Through the mass of procurement and mass production to reduce
costs to maximize the profit to customers.
2、Allows you to enjoy lower than the same industry prices,
higher than the same industry quality.
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